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I love putting together these detail shots for every newborn that I photograph. Time goes by so fast and I love being able to capture every tiny wrinkle and every flake of skin.

newborn girl

I am excited to announce a new product that I am offering. This is a spiral bound photo book and it comes FREE with my highest digital collection AND my Baby and Bump package. Contact me at the studio for more information or to schedule your session today! 660-473-6939 or

I posted a few weeks ago about a photography get together I attended with some friends. One of the girls arranged for different vendors to donate door prizes (thanks Fabi!). One of the prizes that I won was an adorable diaper cover from the Etsy seller Kuttin up. I was so thankful to her that I told her I would take pictures of it and post them on my blog so that she could use them in her store. Here is my little supermodel reluctantly modeling it for me.

I could have taken off the Spiderman band aid or removed it in Photoshop but there is something poetic about a princess with scuffed knees and a Spiderman band aid.

She takes this job very seriously!

Okay, maybe not.


May 26, 2010

I love canvas so much that I swear I would wallpaper my house with them. Not only do they look awesome but they don’t need to be framed and are easy to hang. If you have been to my studio then you have already seen the first one but the second one is for a client. She is decorating her kid’s bathroom and hallway in a monkey theme. I hope to get pics from her once it is finished. I’m not sure what was harder – taking the picture the first time or trying to take a picture of a picture with no glare. I hope you enjoy these and are inspired to make your family “art”.