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“A boy is trust with dirt on it’s face, beauty with a cut on it’s finger, wisdom with bubble gum in it’s hair, and the hope of the future with a frog in it’s pocket. wonder. dream. play. explore. find. discover.”
Author: unknown

“Little girls have a magic all their own.”
Author: unknown

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Family fun

September 17, 2010

Meet the S family. Mom contacted me about doing a family session at the Missouri State Fair, and in case that wasn’t nerve racking enough she is a fellow photographer and friend. She is one of the sweetest, smartest, craftiest, most stylish gals I know. She is also the fabulous Emily from Emily Southerland Photography who will be photographing my tribe in a couple of weeks. I am sure that I got the better end of this deal but good luck to you Emily.

I couldn’t resist this one – how hilarious is this expression? He was sooooo over it!

I had all of my stuff set up one afternoon and a willing girl with a new skirt. She is becoming so girly and loves to twirl around in her skirts.