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“Giggles and curls, ribbons and bows- She’s so adorable from her head to her toes!”
Author: Unknown

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. ~Marion C. Garretty

This little guy was one of the first newborns that I ever photographed! I think you will agree that he just keeps getting cuter and cuter every year.

I posted a few weeks ago about a photography get together I attended with some friends. One of the girls arranged for different vendors to donate door prizes (thanks Fabi!). One of the prizes that I won was an adorable diaper cover from the Etsy seller Kuttin up. I was so thankful to her that I told her I would take pictures of it and post them on my blog so that she could use them in her store. Here is my little supermodel reluctantly modeling it for me.

I could have taken off the Spiderman band aid or removed it in Photoshop but there is something poetic about a princess with scuffed knees and a Spiderman band aid.

She takes this job very seriously!

Okay, maybe not.