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“A boy is trust with dirt on it’s face, beauty with a cut on it’s finger, wisdom with bubble gum in it’s hair, and the hope of the future with a frog in it’s pocket. wonder. dream. play. explore. find. discover.”
Author: unknown

I love putting together these detail shots for every newborn that I photograph. Time goes by so fast and I love being able to capture every tiny wrinkle and every flake of skin.

newborn girl

A baby girl…
one of the most beautiful miracles in life,
one of the greatest joys we can ever know,
and one of the reasons why
there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness
in your world today.
~ Unknown

newborn photography

This little cutie came in to have her last photo shoot as an only child. She is anxiously awaiting the birth of her new baby brother and I am sure that she is going to be a fabulous big sister. Stay tuned for pictures of the baby as I am anxiously awaiting his birth too.

I was so excited to have this little guy in my studio on his 5th day of life. For the curled sleepy look the best time to photograph your newborn is during the first ten days of life. This is the best time to achieve the folded and curled poses that they are used to in the womb. If you are pregnant and wanting a newborn session the best time to schedule is when you are still pregnant. Call today to schedule your session 660-473-6939.