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I have been waiting to book a newborn girl for what seems like forever. I have had a long string of boys so I was very excited to have this little sweetie in my studio. She was so patient and let me try out all kinds of headbands and hats with her.
newborn girl

newborn baby boy

I bought this lens this winter dreaming about all of the awesome snowflake shots I was going to take and blog about. I took it out one time and remembered “hey, I hate the cold AND the snow.” Luckily I had a backup plan for it. Who doesn’t love tiny baby feet, eyelashes and peeling skin?

I swear I could photograph this group everyday. They are the sweetest kids and genuinely love and LIKE each other. The boys patiently sat through photo after photo of their little sis kissing and hugging them. Did I mention that I love these guys?

family photography

This little guy is a senior citizen compared to most of the newborns that I photograph. I prefer them to be under 10 days to keep them sleepy and bendy (is bendy a word?) but this little guy was elderly at 4 weeks. Imagine my surprise when little man came in asleep and stayed that way even after we undressed him. Doesn’t he have the most beautiful lips ever?