May 26, 2010

I love canvas so much that I swear I would wallpaper my house with them. Not only do they look awesome but they don’t need to be framed and are easy to hang. If you have been to my studio then you have already seen the first one but the second one is for a client. She is decorating her kid’s bathroom and hallway in a monkey theme. I hope to get pics from her once it is finished. I’m not sure what was harder – taking the picture the first time or trying to take a picture of a picture with no glare. I hope you enjoy these and are inspired to make your family “art”.


6 Responses to “Canvas”

Julie Wagoner - May 26, 2010

Oh, I love canvas prints!! These are absolutely gorgeous!

Shelby - June 9, 2010


Ashley - June 11, 2010

These look AMAZING!! I totally adore canvas too and yours are fantastic!

Amy | Moorestown New Jersey Newborn Photographer - June 11, 2010

What a great job.. Love them.. just beautiful..

Zoe Berkovic - June 14, 2010

these are making me drool. for real.

Lina - June 24, 2010

Those are great! Is that first one of your daughter? She looks just like you!

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